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On Feeling the Space, Yoko Ono took complete control of her product for the first time. John Lennon only played as a side musician on one cut, with the rest of the songs ably abetted by some of New York’s finest studio cats. This is a feminist record dedicated to “the sisters who died in pain and sorrow for being unable to survive in a male society.” The best term to describe the music here is “angry.” Ono finds no love or sweetness where the male population is concerned, and it shows. Shortly after this was released, however, Ono reconciled with John, and son Sean Lennon was born. But here, her anger comes through loud and clear. The 1997 CD reissue has two previously unreleased bonus cuts: “I Learned to Stutter/Coffin Car,” a combination feminist monologue/song, and “Mildred, Mildred,” both of which feature John Lennon on acoustic guitar.

1. Growing Pain (3:49)
2. Yellow Girl (Stand By For Life) (3:16)
3. Coffin Car (3:32)
4. Woman Of Salem (3:07)
5. Run, Run, Run (5:08)
6. If Only (3:44)
7. A Thousand Times Yes (3:02)
8. Straight Talk (3:21)
9. Angry Young Woman (3:54)
10. She Hits Back (3:26)
11. Woman Power (4:52)
12. Men, Men, Men (4:07)
13. I Learned To Stutter – Coffin Car (Live) (Bonus Track) (6:53)
14. Potbelly Rocker (Bonus Track) (2:41)
15. It’s Been Very Hard (Bonus Track) (6:01)
16. Warrior Woman (Bonus Track) (5:02)
17. Left Turn’s The Right Turn (Bonus Track) (2:13)
18. Mildred, Mildred (Bonus Track) (2:58)
19. Mildred, Mildred (Demo) (Bonus Track) (3:41)