What to Do if Your Feet or Muscles Suddenly Get Pullread if You Do Not Want to Be Paralyzed!

Suddenly you were crushed with a limb of leg muscles. In this situation legs can not be straightened or folded. If you suddenly move straight to the leg then you feel painful pain in your muscles or muscles. It May happen in sleep or in a situation of awakening. But it is more in sleeping condition. Due to excessive labor for a long time many times the muscles of the foot May cause more tension. If it is standing for a long time or standing then it is like that. There May be more reasons. For example loss damage muscles or nerves blood potassium calcium and magnesium deficiency side effects of some drugs such as hypertension and cholesterol lack of certain vitamins such as vitamin b b1 b5 b6. Due to some bad habits such as smoking drinking. The smokers legs are less in the blood and the little ones walk on their legs. During pregnancy there is pressure on the nerves of various nerves so it is normal to pull the leg muscles at that time. Again hypothyroidism kidney failure mensa-ruy sana muscle tension can take a consequence of pregnancy etc. If the muscles of the muscles are stretched in muscles the muscles of the feet should be relaxed.

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