Vanilla Sponge Cake

Recipe Elements :- For cake: – Eggs (normal temperature): – 7am Icing sugar / crushed sugar: – 1 cup Flour: – 1 cup Crushed milk: – 2: spoon Baking powder: – 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence: – 1/2 teaspoon For syrup: – Sugar: – 1 cup Water: – 1/2 cup For creams: – Dalda: – 200 grams Icing sugar / crushed sugar: – 1 cup Oil: – 1/3 cup White white egg: – 2 Banana acnes: – 1 teaspoon of sugar Primary: – First put sugar in a pan for syrup and put it on the stove. Turn off the oven when it blossomed and sugar mixed in water. Then mix the flour crushed milk and baking powder together and keep it clean. Now break the eggs and carefully separate the yolk and white parts. Then in the white part of the egg take a rough big and deep bowl with electric beater and let the speed of the foam rise to the first low speed. After 2 minutes 2 tablespoons of sugar again with sugar Make a bit of 1 minute and finish giving all the sugar in this way. When the sugar is mixed and the white part of the egg is completely foam (the foam should not have water and if the pot does not want to wear the foam then the tumor does not want to wear the foam) then in this condition the bits of 3 minutes high speed. Now close the beetroi: sprinkle the flour with a spoonful of egg whites and mix it with a flattened spoon or a knife. Mix the spoon from one side to the other side and turn it lightly. The wind will blow out immediately so be careful not to have any dough. Mix all the flour in this way. Now lightly mix vanilla essence. The cake in which the cake should be cured should be such that half of the pot is filled with beta the rest is empty. If the pot is nonstick then a little oil or a bowl should be sprayed inside the pot and if the pot is normal then cut a paper in the bottom of the pot and put it on the bottom of the pot and pour it on the oil or on the paper paper and in the pot. At the stove (how I did) put a big pod of haldi and put some sand (1 inches thick) inside it. Put a steel stand of hayi on the face of the bark and hit the lid for 1 minute put the cake on the stove and place it with a lid on the face of the bone. First keep the fire completely reduced to 4 minutes for the first time. After 30 minutes open the lid and insert a stick or toothpick in the middle of the cake. If the stick is clear then the cake is made and if the stick is on the stick then put it in a little more stove. After cutting down the cake after 10 minutes Slowly cut the cake around and remove the cake on the plate and turn the cake out. Now spread the syrup between two parts and two parts in equal length. Dry the syrup over the top of the cake and apply syrup to the surroundings. Now one piece of cake is one or two orange jelly and the other part is a part of the cream Put another part on it and apply a nice cream around the cake. Available to buy different spikes for the cultivation. If not then add a spoon or knife. (i put the butter on the net) well around Once the creams are cooked decorate the cake with your favorite creams. Keep frozen cake when ordered. Creme frosting: – Greater with dalda gratere (vegetable currant). Now add the white dalda oil and egg white partitions together with electric beetroot for 2 minutes at low speed and then after 3-4 minutes high speed bits with icing sugar / crushed sugar. As long as the floppy is properly floppy make a bit more with the banner acne. Now ready to plant your cream. Once the creams are ready you can mix your favorite color. If you want to mix the color again then do the bit again with the color then mix the cream with the cream equally. This cream can be kept out of refrigerator. (i was 4-5 days ago I still do well without the refrigerator). Tips: – * who can color your choice. Mix colors when mixing vanilla acnes. * if you want to make chocolate cake add 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder and mix it in the mixture. * syrup can be used instead of 7up. * when the cake is done on an electric oven it will be done from 45 minutes to 1 hour at 180 degrees c or 350 degrees fahrenheit preheat oven

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