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50 years ago in 1967, The Doors broke through to the other side for the first time with its eponymous debut on Elektra Records. The Doors would go on to sell millions of copies and made stars of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, and Jim Morrison. Today, the album is widely considered to be one of the all-time-classic rock and roll debuts.

THE DOORS: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION includes a remastered version of the album’s original stereo mix, available on CD for the first time in a decade and remastered for the first time in nearly 30 years. The album’s original mono mix was also remastered for this set and is making its CD debut here. An LP-version of the mono mix is also included. The third disc features live performance from The Matrix in San Francisco recorded just weeks after The Doors was released. Music journalist David Fricke provides detailed liner notes for the set, which includes a selection of rare and previously unseen photographs.

THE DOORS: 50TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION offers a rare opportunity to hear the band on the verge of superstardom with live performances recorded during a March 7, 1967 show at the Matrix in San Francisco. The Matrix recordings heard on this deluxe edition were sourced from the recently discovered, original tapes, previously thought to be lost. The Matrix recordings originally released in 2008 were from a third-generation source, so the sound quality of the versions debuting here is second to none.

Packed with electrifying performance, the disc contains live versions of eight tracks on The Doors, including “Twentieth Century Fox,” “The Crystal Ship” and “Back Door Man.”


01. Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Remastered) 02:29
02. Soul Kitchen (Remastered) 03:35
03. The Crystal Ship (Remastered) 02:35
04. Twentieth Century Fox (Remastered) 02:34
05. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) (Remastered) 03:20
06. Light My Fire (Remastered) 07:10
07. Back Door Man (Remastered) 03:34
08. I Looked At You (Remastered) 02:21
09. End Of The Night (Remastered) 02:53
10. Take It As It Comes (Remastered) 02:17
11. The End (Remastered) 11:50
12. Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Mono) (Remastered) 02:28
13. Soul Kitchen (Mono) (Remastered) 03:34
14. The Crystal Ship (Mono) (Remastered) 02:34
15. Twentieth Century Fox (Mono) (Remastered) 02:33
16. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) (Mono) (Remastered) 03:21
17. Light My Fire (Mono) (Remastered) 07:00
18. Back Door Man (Mono) (Remastered) 03:35
19. I Looked At You (Mono) (Remastered) 02:23
20. End Of The Night (Mono) (Remastered) 02:54
21. Take It As It Comes (Mono) (Remastered) 02:17
22. The End (Mono) (Remastered) 11:46
23. Break On Through (To The Other Side) (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 03:35
24. Soul Kitchen (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 04:05
25. The Crystal Ship (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 03:07
26. Twentieth Century Fox (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 02:54
27. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 04:03
28. Light My Fire (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 08:52
29. Back Door Man (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 05:44
30. The End (Live at Matrix, 3/7/1967) 14:14

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