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Musical history boasts a prolific tapestry of desperate and teeth-clenchingly awkward collaborations. Elton met Eminem, Madonna spent some time with Lil Wayne, and unfortunately the memory of Ozzy and Miss Piggy is still etched into my very soul.

So it’s a moment of pure adulation when talented musicians get together and create a 40 minute disc of magic. Last year Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe caught up with musician Tess Parks in his Berlin studio and I Declare Nothing, a soaring union of intense vocals and surging refrains, was born.

The album feels as natural and familiar as slipping on your favourite woolly jumper. What the pair bring to the table is obvious from the get go. Wehmut is a fuzzy coated, spangly opener ruffled by Parks’ distinctive gravel and then Newcombe’s spacey synths and lo-fi buzz send the album on its merry way into the psyche abyss.

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