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Following a break from live performance that lasted several years, Ryan Adams’ return to the stage began with a 15-date European tour in June of 2011. Sandwiched between the recording of “Ashes And Fire” and the album’s release, the tour featured Adams performing solo acoustic with setlists featuring tracks from across his career – from Whiskeytown through his early solo work and his albums with The Cardinals and his then-unreleased material from “Ashes and Fire”…allowing him to reconnect with his fans and stretch out within his own catalogue.

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01. Dirty Rain (Acoustic)
02. Ashes & Fire (Acoustic)
03. Come Home (Acoustic)
04. Rocks (Acoustic)
05. Do I Wait (Acoustic)
06. Chains Of Love (Acoustic)
07. Invisible Riverside (Acoustic)
08. Lucky Now (Acoustic)
09. I Love You But I Don’t Know What To Say (Acoustic)
10. Let it Ride (Acoustic)
11. Till I Found You
12. Star Sign
13. Petal In A Rainstorm
14. Darkness
15. Empty Room
16. Nutshell
17. Heartbreak A Stranger (Bob Mould cover)
18. Black Sheets Of Rain (Bob Mould cover)
19. Shine Through The Dark
20. Round And Round (Ratt cover)
21. 200 More Miles (Cowboy Junkies cover)
22. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)
23. A-Punk (Vampire Weekend cover)
24. Mansard Roof (Vampire Weekend cover)
25. Oxford Comma (Vampire Weekend cover)
26. Star Sign (Demo)
27. Come Home (Demo)
28. Do I Wait (Demo)
29. Down In A Hole (Alternate)
30. Black Sheets Of Rain (Alternate)
31. Blue Thunder (Galaxie 500 cover)
32. Holy Diver (Dio cover)
33. Mother (Danzig cover)

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Remove the handful of garage rock songs from Ryan Adams’s classic 2000 solo debut Heartbreaker and you’ve got an album that vaguely resembles his latest, Ashes & Fire (out Oct. 11). Produced by the legendary Glyn Johns, the album is by far the most stripped-down, intimate thing he’s ever done— a sort of post-millennial Tumbleweed Connection. Sounds good on paper, but the infamously prolific former Whiskeytown frontman has sort of painted himself into a corner at this point in his career. Over the course of 12 studio albums (on his own or with the now dissolved Cardinals), Adams has run the stylistic gamut from raw folk contemplation to balls-out rock n’ roll and even outlandish space metal. If Ashes & Fire fails to astound, it’s only because we’ve heard so much of this stuff from him already.

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