Luke Winslow-King – The Coming Tide (2013)

Cover frontBloodshot Records is very excited to announce the signing of New Orleans-based artist Luke Winslow-King. Luke initially caught our ear with his unique style, emerging from the ashes of Delta blues, New Orleans traditional jazz, ragtime, and pre-war American folksong. After being transfixed watching Luke and singer/washboard player Esther Rose perform gorgeous duets at a noisy college bar in Chicago we were straight up hooked. His amalgam of sounds is full of culture and texture, and respectively Winslow-King’s knowledge of music history and attention to detail are nearly as captivating as his impeccable song compositions, guitar technique, and warm voice.


Luke Winslow-King – vocals, guitars, organ
Esther Rose – vocals, washboard
Cassidy Holden – bass
Ben Polcer – piano, trumpet
Rich Levinson – drums
Rick Trolsen – trombone
Chris Johnson – alto sax
Bruce brackman – tenor sax
Tom Saunders – bass sax
Earl Scioneaux III – organ

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