Emmylou Harris – Elite Hotel (1975)

emReleased in December 1975, just a few months after PIECES OF THE SKY, Emmylou Harris’s ELITE HOTEL is already a first achievement in her career. Twelve songs, twelve little musical pearls. One would never repeat enough that half of the success of a singer depends on the members of the band playing in the recording. In ELITE HOTEL, the Angel Band hides such great names as Glen D. Hardin at the piano, James Burton at the electric guitar or Herb Pedersen at the banjo. Some of you certainly remember that Glen D. Hardin and James Burton used to play with another successful singer : Elvis Presley…

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Emmylou Harris – Brand New Dance (1990)

emmyIn 1990, Emmylou Harris’ run of superb mid-’70s albums was over, and she hadn’t yet assembled the Nash Ramblers, the acoustic band that gave her music a heady kick-start prior to her first striking collaboration with Daniel Lanois, Wrecking Ball. As a result, Brand New Dance captures Harris at the end of one cycle and just before the start of another, and the material and production suggest Harris was ready for some changes. Emmylou Harris probably couldn’t make a truly bad album if she tried, and as always, she’s in lovely voice on Brand New Dance, but she doesn’t always sound especially engaged with the material, most of which falls into the “good-but-not-great” category (notable exceptions — a strong cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher Than the Rest” and the title cut). In addition, producer Allen Reynolds puts a shade too much pop-friendly gloss on the arrangements and mix for several of these tunes, and despite the presence of a truly impressive team of accompanists, this album never quite catches fire as in Harris’ best work. Brand New Dance is a strong and professional piece of work, but Harris’ next few albums would remind fans she was capable of a lot more than that.

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Emmylou Harris – Bluebird (1990)

EMBluebird was an Emmylou Harris album from 1989, which merged a number of eclectic songs (including work by the McGarrigle Sisters, Tom Rush and Rodney Crowell) with polished, country music production. It included her most recent top-ten country-charting single, “Heartbreak Hill”. The album enjoyed renewed interest in 2004 when The Sopranos introduced its fifth season with “Heaven Only Knows.”
Bonnie Raitt provided guest vocals on the track “Icy Blue Heart”. Billboard said in their review of the album that, “Like most of Emmylou Harris’ albums, Bluebird is an expertly performed album, featuring some truly startling and affecting tour de forces.”


“Heaven Only Knows” (Paul Kennerley)
“You’ve Been on My Mind” (Rodney Crowell)
“Icy Blue Heart” [background vocals by Bonnie Raitt] (John Hiatt)
“Love Is” (Kate McGarrigle, Anna McGarrigle, Jane McGarrigle)
“No Regrets” (Tom Rush)
“Lonely Street” (Carl Belew, W.S. Stevenson, Kenny Sowder)
“Heartbreak Hill” (Emmylou Harris, Kennerley)
“I Still Miss Someone” (Johnny Cash, Roy Cash, Jr.)
“A River for Him” (Harris)
“If You Were a Bluebird” (Butch Hancock)

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Emmylou Harris – Luxury Liner -1977 (2004)

1977′s Luxury Liner is the third offering in Emmylou Harris’ discography, excluding 1970′s Gliding Bird. Like its two predecessors, it is an eclectic mix of country and rock-and-roll, relying a little more heavily on cover material than her earlier albums had done. Produced by Brian Ahern and backed by her superb Hot Band, Emmylou pays tribute to everyone from Chuck Berry and her late mentor Gram Parsons to The Carter Family, The Louvin Brothers, and Kitty Wells. Though it failed to produce any Top 5 hits, Luxury Liner reached #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and is Emmylou’s best-selling solo effort.Rodney Crowell, Albert Lee, Glen D. Hardin, Emory Gordy Jr. and Ricky Skaggs all make appearances as members of The Hot Band, while Herb Pedersen, Nicolette Larson, Fayssoux Starling, and Dolly Parton lend their voices to the project. The first single was a cover of Chuck Berry’s 1964 hit “You Never Can Tell (C’est La Vie”), which is given a Cajun flavor by Ricky Skaggs on fiddle. It reached #6 on the Billboard country singles chart. For the second single, Emmylou did an about-face and released the very traditional “Making Believe”, a remake of Kitty Wells’ 1955 hit. Emmylou’s version reached #8.Warner Bros. remastered and re-released Luxury Liner in 2004, along with two bonus tracks: “Me and Willie” and the excellent “Night Flyer” which was written by Johhny Mullins. Mullins is best known as the writer of “Blue Kentucky Girl” which had been a hit for both Emmylou and Loretta Lynn.

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Emmylou Harris – Light Of The Stable [Original recording remastered] (2004)

Light of the Stable debuted in 1979, with a title track featuring backing vocals from Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton. The sublime Rodney Crowell-penned “Angel Eyes,” composed specially for this album, features Rick Skaggs on mandolin and Skaggs and Willie Nelson on vocal harmony, and is just one of many highlights. This radiant acoustic masterpiece–graced throughout with the presence of stellar guests–features both contemporary and traditional gems, and is now expanded with three newly recorded songs.

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