Drive-By Truckers – English Oceans (2014)

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The follow-up to 2011’s Go-Go Boots, English Oceans is the 12th studio effort from Drive-By Truckers. The album was recorded in under two weeks in Athens, Ga. with the band’s longtime producer David Barbe. According to the band, the songwriting duties were split evenly between co-founders Mike Cooley, who brought six new songs to the album, and Patterson Hood.
For this record, Drive-By Truckers used a reconstructed unit, enlisting the help of Jay Gonzalez, who joined the band in 2008, and bassist Matt Patton from Tuscaloosa-based band The Dexateens. “It’s a very tasteful group, and when it needs to be it can be a very big, powerful, over-the-top band, too, and it can go from one to the other seamlessly,” Hood said in a press release.

Drive-By Truckers – Alabama Ass Whuppin [Remastered] (2013)

drThis the official reissue of the bands long ‘out of print’ live album from 2000, Alabama Ass Whuppin ‘. Recorded in various Georgia clubs during the Pizza Deliverance Tour of 1999, it is probably the most punk rock thing they have ever done. ATO Records & Drive-By Truckers have restored the original 1/2’ analogue mixes of the album which have been re-mastered with some beautiful new art work.

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Drive-By Truckers – Alabama Ass Whoopin’ (1999)

This is early Drive-By Truckers live album “Alabama Ass Whoopin’”.


01-Why Henry Drinks
02-Lookout Mountain
03-Living Bubba
04-Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus)
05-Don’t Be In Love Around Me
06-18 Wheels Of Love
07-The Avon Lady
08-Margo And Harold
10-Steve McQueen
11-People Who Died
12-Love Like This

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Drive-By Truckers – Gangstabilly (1998)

Gangstabilly, DBT’s debut, went largely overlooked. No mock-rock operas or anxious, insistent Southernism here — Gangstabilly keeps its charm by keeping it simple. Whereas post- “Pizza Deliverance”DBT tended to veer into weathered tailgate-party twang, Gangstabilly is a swamp of mushy drums, scraggly acoustics, and pedal-steel whimper — a catalog of trashy but telling details and broader yet personal pangs.

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Drive-By Truckers – Sometimes Late at Night – Live (2011)


1. When I Ran Off and Left Her
2. Used to Be a Cop (Live in Atlanta, GA)
3. Everybody Needs Love (Live in Madison, WI)
4. Get Downtown (Live in Atlanta, GA)
5. Mercy Buckets (Live in Atlanta, GA)
6. Buttholeville State Trooper (Live in Atlanta, GA)

With special guest Cody Dickinson and David Barbe

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