Ad Vanderveen – Days of the Greats (2011)

On Days Of The Greats eleven songs come over, more than three quarters of good roots music, which is closer to folk than country against . Another way to Vanderveen’s music is to be characterized with similar names to come.  Alarmed by the greatness of these names, they really knock! Do not be surprised by the grandeur of Those names, but They Are True! His guitar playing, for example, do tend to mind Neil Young, both on the “acoustic” (at Well Of Wonder) and the ‘electric’ Young (on Slippin ‘Fast). His guitar playing, for example, is often reminiscent of Neil Young, both on the ‘acoustic’ (on Well Of Wonder) and the ‘electrical’ Young (on slippin ‘Fast).  However, the game of Vanderveen neater, technically sophisticated.

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Ad Vanderveen – Still Now (2008)

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A double cd with one disc featuring electric band versions (the Garage) and the other acoustic solo/duo versions (The Living) of original contemporary folk songs.

Ad Vanderveen – Live At Crossroads (2013)

adLive At Crossroads is a solo performance for Crossroads Radio, a roots and Americana station in The Netherlands. In an intimate theatre show Vanderveen features songs from his critically acclaimed 2012 CD “Driven By A Dream”, as well as older favorites. The solo setting makes for intense deliveries, focusing on the content of the songs in a relaxed interaction with the audience. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, harmonica, footstomp and piano, Ad moves between sensitive songs, uptempo pieces and piano ballads.

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