B002R76FOEWith vocals both unsettling and sublime, Rykarda Parasol beckons us to share her place overlooking the whistling, barren Texan plains at dusk in her promising debut release. Comparisons to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave are commonplace and inevitable, though Parasol lends a distinctly delicate quality to her weighty, blues-inspired compositions both lyrically and vocally. “Lullaby for Blacktail” and “How Does a Woman Fall?” showcase Parasol’s mastery of combining whisky-tinged masculine vocals with those more distant, soothing and feminine. A highlight is the haunting “Hannah Leah”, which serves as a creepy introduction to the album with swooning instrumentals as accompaniment. Perhaps the clearest example of Parasol’s penchant for the blues, and certainly the sultriest vocals, can be found in the Langston Hughes-inspired “Lonesome Place”, which chugs by as a ghost-train in the desert. If no other song induces chills, this will.

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