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Roger Creager – Surrender (2012)

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Roger Creager, who is know as a staple on the Texas Music scene with his amped up performances and loyal following, just released the long awaited album, ‘Surrender’. It is the first album since ‘Here It Is’, which was released back in 2008. Creager co-wrote all songs except the Bob Marley Classic, “Redemption Song”.The first track on the album, ‘Turn It Up’ is the perfect opening song for not just an album, but for a live show as well. “I get out on the open road, I let the wind blow through my soul, at the wheel I’m captain in command, I’m a rambling man I won’t be tamed, I’m a throwback to the good old days, some call me an outlaw…maybe I am, when a Waylon song comes on in my truck, I don’t turn it down, I turn it up”.  I firmly believe every musician needs a song about life on the road and this song certainly makes it to the top of my road trip playlist.Creager nails his Texas take on Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. ‘Crazy Again’ is a song about a man who’s matured but at times wants to slip back into his wrestles ways when he doesn’t have to hold his tongue “Go back to when I didn’t give a damn, I used to be wild like that west Texas wind” and ‘I’ll Take Anything’ has some serious radio potential singing about ‘cranking this party to sheer perfection’. Give this song one listen and you will have no doubt you are listening to the same wild guy who brought you ‘Everclear’ so many years ago.Creager has a strong, country voice that oozes southern charm. His style and memorable lyrics will continue to win fans over again and again.

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