Robyn Ludwick, little sister to Bruce and Charlie Robeson, one of Texas Music’s greatest dynasties has a new CD coming out called “This Tall to Ride”. Her writing style owes a lot to the influence of Lucinda Williams, but still rings genuine and personal. Her songs have that same rugged, but emotional tough woman style that Lucinda has come to personify. The words are all Robyn’s, though, as she depicts love as an addictive emotion, even comparing it to cocaine and heroin. She doesn’t fall into the “happily ever after” depiction of relationships and the impermanence of love rolls through her songs as a major theme. Ms. Ludwick creates some tragic characters that inhabit her songs and bring a gritty realism to the messages. All of this and David Grissom and Bukka Allen (among others), too.

“This Tall to Ride” is a dark series of songs that play to the pain of relationships and a fruitless struggle to find meaning in life. It’s full of loneliness and lost hope, yet depicts the drive to carry on and live for the good times that interrupt the string of sadness. That said, the songs are artfully written and the music drives home the message. This album is written by a tough woman for those listeners that are strong of heart and take life head on.

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