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Directed by David Mackenzie Hell Or High Water is a heist film starring Ben Foster, Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges. Based on the infamous 2012 Black List script, the film is set in West Texas, in an area formerly known as Comancheria, and tells the story of two brothers who plan a bank robbery to save their family farm. The film was extremely well-received during its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Critics praised and applauded the film’s archetypal Americana, along with the memorable performances of its main protagonists and the composers’ minimalist score. Nick Cave of the Bad Seeds and his musical partner Warren Ellis deliver a ravishing score perfectly lifting the arid landscape in which the characters strive to survive. The soundtrack album also includes ‘Sleeping On The Backtop’ (Colter Wall), ‘I’m Not Afraid To Die’ (Gillian Welch), ‘Outlaw State of Mind’ (Chris Stapleton) and many more country music infused titles.


1. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Comancheria (2:05)
2. Townes Van Zandt — Dollar Bill Blues (3:02)
3. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Mama’s Room (2:49)
4. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Texas Midlands (2:02)
5. Ray Wylie Hubbard — Dust of the Chase (5:06)
6. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Robbery (3:26)
7. Waylon Jennings — You Ask Me To (2:30)
8. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Mountain Lion Mean (2:07)
9. Colter Wall — Sleeping On The Backtop (3:12)
10. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — From My Cold Dead Hands (2:31)
11. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Lord of the Plains (2:35)
12. Scott H. Biram — Blood, Sweat and Murder (2:55)
13. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Casino (1:50)
14. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Comancheria II (1:49)
15. Chris Stapleton — Outlaw State Of Mind (5:35)

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