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Etta James – Losers Weepers [Reissued] (2011)

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This is the second in our series of CD reissues of Etta James’ Chess albums.Recorded in Los Angeles with renowned arranger Gene Barge and veteran producer Ralph Bass at the controls, the original 11-track album is bolstered with a generous 11 bonus titles cut variously in Hollywood, Chicago and Philadelphia between 1969 and 1973.Highlights for this cd are the slow Soul of “I Think It’s You” and the cover of the Jackie Edwards nugget “Look At The Rain”. It’s also cool to get 5 tracks off the rare “Funk” album – especially the zippy ‘message’ soul of “Tighten Up Your Own Thing” (lyrics above). The bluesy “Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing” is hardly ‘funk’, but it’s a proper Soul gem.

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