Make Doraemon Cake – Recipe

Flour: – 1 cup Sugar: – 1/2 cup … Liquid milk: – 1/2 cup Soybean oil: – 1/4 cups Egg: – 2 Baking powder: – 2 teaspoons Honey: – 1 teaspoon Salt: – 1 pinch Primary: – Mix flour baking powder salt together. Now boil well with a bowl and sugar whisk so sugar is mixed. When the sugar is mixed mix it with honey liquid milk and soybean oil. Then mix the flour mixture. Mix well so that there is no grain. The combination will be such that it is not too thin or too thick. Liquid milk can do less if needed. Now add a nonstick frying pan to the frying pan and remove the frying pan with a little oil in a tissue. Now with a spoon of pulse or 1/4 cup cup of measurement cup cover it with a lid with a beta. When the bubbles rise in a minute or two after all turn upside down and lift the opposite direction of light brown. Now put the chocolate / neutella / nosila / white cream in your hand put one of your favorite filling on the opposite side of the pan and put another panekake lightly. Your scorpion cake / droaki

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