When David Bowie returned from exile with 2013’s ‘The Next Day’, an album that wistfully referenced his late-‘70s art-rock heyday, it felt like this eternal futurist was starting to look back. Wrong, earthlings! Released on his 69th birthday, 25th album ‘Blackstar’ spins the spaceship back around and points it at the moon. Bowie’s formidable record of reinventing himself with each new album remains intact.His first unexpected move was to jettison the band of long-serving musicians who backed him on ‘The Next Day’ in favour of a group of New York jazzbos led by versatile sax player Donny McCaslin. That doesn’t mean ‘Blackstar’ is a jazz album, it just broadens the canvas. Warped showtunes, skronking industrial rock, soulful balladeering, airy folk-pop, even hip-hop – it all has a place on this busy, bewildering and occasionally beautiful record.

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