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“I’m Here. Let Me In.” is a solo project with friends produced by the beastly virtuosity of “Short Dawg” Steve Mayone from Brooklyn NY. The album began with two compositions in a half awake half dream state and sounds like nothing else Boris has done. The rhythm is amorphous on many of the songs, with the vocals pushed out front, and the emotion is crystallized amidst the rich harmonies. Boris wanted a vocal album and he achieved it. The core tracks were recorded by Boris himself at his studio in Dixon NM. The songs range from the cosmic and beautifully sad, “Poor Tired Hands” to the fun loving Hank Williams brand, “Godzilla Vs. King Kong.” The album also holds a revealing tenderness which can be felt in the songs, “Golden Days” or “Piece of Mama”. The album was mixed by Bill Palmer at Frogville Studios and has many local favorites playing on it. Folks like Stephanie Hatfield on backing vocals, David Gutierrez, and Alex McMahon on guitar and banjo, Greg Williams and Jared Putnam from La Chat Lunatique on drums and bass. The new album also features two live tracks with the Salt Licks all-star line up, Brett Davis, Susan Holmes, Paul Groetzinger and Kevin Zoernig. From Steve Mayone’s Brooklyn tracking we have his own brilliant vocals and guitar work and also the phenomenal accordion player John Shapiro.