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Till the Wheels Fall Off ain’t just an album title. It’s a way of life.
And the Outlaw Carnie responsible for it ain’t no character. Bob
Wayne is 100{10a6abfbbdec3edb8c12d962d1d412e29cfd8a3c073085b2c5ae8aa3ea404fb3} the real deal: a raucous, rambunctious, storytelling
rabble-rouser with a passionate zeal for life and a reckless
charm that is completely unbound.
Bob Wayne quit school at an early age and ended up becoming
a roadie for Hank Williams III. It was there that he started
writing some Outlaw Country songs of his own. While on the
road, Hank and his band noticed that Bob s songs weren t too
bad, not too bad at all. Soon after, Andy Gibson (Hank s steel
guitar player) and Joe Buck (Hank s upright bass player) invited
Bob to Nashville to record his debut release, Blood To Dust.
It wasn t long after Blood To Dust was recorded that Hank III
asked Bob to open up for him as main support for a U.S. Tour.
Since then Bob has been touring the world almost non-stop
only taking short breaks to record new music from time to time,
before returning to the place he calls home, the open road.

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