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Brisbane-based Angharad Drake has been quietly building a following among Australian folk fans for her gentle, poetic indie folk since the release of her debut EP in 2010. While two more eps followed the fist, Ghost is Drake’s debut album.
Lyrically, Ghost is an album about finding a sense of identity in the face of love and uncertainty. This search for identity is reflected in the music. Only 24 years of age, Drake’s style is clearly indebted to the influences of Feist, Bon Iver and in particular Laura Marling. Whilst these influences can be heard at times, the best moments of Ghost are when Drake finds her own unique style. In particular, she has a special knack for crafting lyrics that turn back on themselves, articulating the confusion of someone trying to discover a sense of identity.
The influence of Marling can be most clearly heard on both Armour and Ghost. Armour begins with a gentle acoustic guitar and the gently sung vulnerable lines: “There’s cracks in my armour/ I thought I’d be fine. I wait by the harbour/ But I’m just killing time.” Drake’s talent for lyrics that twist around themselves is again present in the lines: “I don’t think that I’m invincible? But it’s what I need to hear.” In Ghost, a looping acoustic guitar underpins a sorrowful song about being unable to move on after a love affair has ended. Again the indecision is expressed through lyrics that loop around themselves, like the lines, “Now I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go/ well I could but I won’t.”