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Andre Williams – Hoods & Shades (2012)

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New release by Andre Williams called Hoods and Shades. The release consists of 9 tracks teaming up with Matt Smith and with Dennis Coffey on guitar. Andre ventures into a folk/rock/psychedelic/ R&B zone. Other guests include Jim White (Dirty Three, Cat Power), Greasy Carlisi (Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding), Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs) and Don Was. The first song, Dirt, is a straight forward uptempo blues track. It is followed up by A Good Day To Feel Bad, which is a rhythm track with spoken word and tasty guitar riffs played behind. I’ve Got Money On My Mind is an interpretation on Snoop with a little James Brown and jazz flavor. Hoods and Shades (the title track) again more of spoken word over a rhythmic background is interesting and has cool guitar soloing throughout. Jawdropper is back to a basic boogie. Andre uses his singing style but really is again more of a talking voice. It is a nice contrast to what I am accustomed to. Again a cool guitar riff. Hu-Matic Man, a more swampy blues tune, has nice guitar riffs and moves along at a shuffle beat. Mojo Hannah is a real swampy song almost like a Dr John Voodoo song from Lousiana. Swamp Dog’s Hot Spot is a pretty cool story song again with a mystic kind of aura again with some laid back undertones. The last track, Gimme, is a bit more uptempo but again consistent with the balance of the recording.

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