Acidity Problem Solution

1. Hot water Hot water Normally warm water is released from the problem of assay by drinking at night and sleeping in the morning before sleeping. 2. Cinnamon Cinnamon Very good for digestion it is a natural antacid that removes belly gas. Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water and drink it twice a day. You can also eat soup / salad if you want. 3. Basil leaves Basil leaves Its air-resistant and quality helps to relieve the chest and abdomen abdominal hives and vomiting. So when the symptom of the acid is seen some basil leaves will be eaten on the face or can be eaten tea. One cup of water can be boiled with 4/5 mint leaves or you can add a little honey too. 4. The ground The ground Playing the ground several times a day or mixing a little peanut powder or a teaspoon of coriander leaves it provides good benefits or half a teaspoon paste in a little water and mixing it with a glass of ground the acid stomach acne is removed. 5. Apple vinegar Apple vinegar Its alkaline effect helps to remove stomach acidity problems. 1/2 teaspoon of crude vinegar can be mixed with a cup of water before eating it twice a day or twice a day. 6. Clown Clown Cloves can remove stomach acid and gas for its air insulation capability. Acetic irritation and mouth odor can be removed by sucking 2/3 cloves in the mouth or playing a similar amaranth and clove powder. 7. Cumin Cumin It works excellent in . Take one teaspoon of cumin seeds cumin seeds and a little powder in a bowl of water and eat it in an empty stomach or eat a small cumin powder in a glass of water and eat after refreshing meal. 8. Ginger Adar juice helps in mitigating the stomach acid. At the time of acid you can eat a piece of ginger in the mouth or take a cup of ginger with a little bit of ginger or only one tea spoon will be released from the acid during the day. 9. Pallet molasses Dry powders help digestion and reduces digestion by digesting digestion. After a refreshment meal take a small piece of molasses in the mouth until it reduces the irritation of the acid. But it does not apply for people with diabetes. 10. Maui Maui like mint leaves also have air-insulating ability which can be effective in digesting food and removing belly gas. After heavy and sour food some morsels can mouth. After one or two teaspoons of boiling water with a cup of warm water you can cook it several times a day and can eat several times a day. 11. Cold milk Cold milk Milk is released from the acid by regulating the stomach gastric acid. Calcium in the milk prevents the formation of acids in the stomach. It is possible to prevent and relieve acidity problems by drinking only one glass of cold milk.

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