Rogue Wave – Delusions of Grand Fur (2016)


It’s refreshing when a group with as long a history as Rogue Wave are willing to continue exploring uncharted territory on their new releases. The Californian four-piece certainly fit this bill on their sixth album, Delusions of Grand Fur. In a small way, the wit of the album title’s pun prepares us for the upbeat sharpness of the record as a whole. Here, Rogue Wave offer an album that’s both innovative and approachable.Delusions of Grand Fur manages to balance clear folk influences with gawking explorations of electronica. Some tracks pull off this juggling act better than others, but more often than not, we’re treated to colourful tonal blends.

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Lera Lynn – Resistor (2016)


Out April 29th via Lynn’s own label Resistor Music, Resistor is the Nashville-dwelling singer’s third album, beginning with 2011’s Have You Met Lera Lynn, which pulled more from country influences like Patsy Cline — infused via her Georgia upbringing — than her subsequent work. But there’s a unifying thread in her taste for mood and atmosphere, created as much through taunting lyricism as melancholy guitar plucks and her effortless coo, that makes each album flow artfully and satisfyingly into the next.

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The Boxer Rebellion – Ocean By Ocean (2016)


Three years since the band’s fourth album, Promises, and with the addition of new guitarist Andrew Smith, Ocean By Ocean presents itself as an accomplished, beautifully orchestrated and impeccably freighted album, with a depth of emotion to every one of the 10 songs that lift each towards the hymnal. Produced by the band in conjunction with the notable Billy Bush (Garbage, Jake Bugg, Against Me!), the sound is brooding and ruminative, with singer Nathan Nicholson’s rising falsetto casting an eerie lava lamp glow on songs that sound good before midnight, and even better afterwards.

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Kevin Collins – Better Than Today (2016)

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Kevin Collins 24th Cd and Latest 2016 Release “Better Than Today” is packed with 14 songs. Kevin stays true to his Country, and Irish music styles and keeps on adding is own self written songs to the mix. Kevin is also proud to add a re-recording and remix of his hit song, Jump In And Swim.

The Two Tracks – The Two Tracks (2016)


The Two Tracks are based out of Sheridan, Wyoming, at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains.  Mixing country, bluegrass, blues and folk genres, the band presents “Americana with a Wyoming touch.” Their debut album was just released April 22, 2016. The band features the songwriting of Julie Szewc on guitar/vocals, award winning cellist David Huebner on cello/guitar/vocals, and Fred Serna on drums/percussion.  The band will also be regularly touring and performing with bassist Russell Smith. 

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Freddy King – Texas Oil: 1956-1962 Recordings (2016)


This special 2-CD collector’s edition contains 42 remastered studio tracks, including all of the fabulous early singles – both A- & B-sides – Freddy King made for Federal Records between 1960 and 1962. The set also includes King’s rare 1956 sides for the very small El-Bee label. This is the material upon which Freddy King’s legend was built. It marks one of the most important building blocks of the electric blues.

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Lonesome River Band – Bridging The Tradition (2016)


Lonesome River Band had been established for nearly a decade when the band released its landmark album, Carrying the Tradition, in 1991. The critically acclaimed project ushered in a new era for Bluegrass by acknowledging tradition while introducing new elements that expanded the genre.Now, 25 years later, this award-winning band is again set to build on the familiar while adding bold progressiveness to its legend with this latest release, Bridging the Tradition (Mountain Home Music Company).The new album contains the familiar LRB groove but offers Grass versions of Country songs. The band covers the popular Waylon Jennings hit, “Rose In Paradise,” making the tune all its own. A progressive and spooky rendition of the Old Time ballad, “Boats Up The River,” is rendered with the familiar sound that LRB has perfected over the past quarter century, as is the working class anthem, “Real People.”

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