Guided by Voices – Please Be Honest (2016)


Astonishingly prolific songwriter Robert Pollard has announced a new Guided By Voices album, Please Be Honest, out April 22.

Pollard played every instrument on the upcoming album, which would seem to make it a solo record as well, but according to a press release, “it felt to him like a Guided By Voices record.”

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The Traditional Fools – Fools Gold (2016)


There’s a fine line between a few guys goofing off with guitars and drums and a great punk rock band in action. That line is rendered all but invisible by the Traditional Fools, a trio Ty Segall briefly led after the Epsilons broke up and before he dropped his first solo record. The Traditional Fools featured Segall on guitar and vocals, Andrew Luttrell on bass, and David Fox on drums. The band attacked garage rock, surf music, and old-school punk with a premium on volume and only passing concern about technique, suggesting a less sodden version of the Mummies. The Traditional Fools’ self-titled album (belatedly released in 2011) made a good case for their primitive attack.

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Derek Dunn – Poisonous Serpents (2014)

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Poisonous Serpents is the first solo EP by .357 String Band front man Derek W. Dunn; hard-hitting Americana and black country originals easily sit next to earnest love songs; always informed by tradition – never bound by it.