Grand Old Grizzly – Cosmonada (2015)

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Grand Old Grizzly’s new release “CosmoNada” retains the Americana feel and clever narratives of their first release with a more seasoned flavor. While a profoundly unique experience, fans of ZZTop, Neil Young, Wilco, and Tom Petty will enjoy this album.

Don Gallardo – Hickory (2015)

Nashville-based Americana/Folk singer-songwriter, Don Gallardo, hails from a small town in Northern California and spent years cultivating his career on the west coast before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. He has called Nashville home for 8 years and does not see himself leaving any time soon.Walking the line between classic 70’s singer-songwriters and more contemporary flavors of folk and Americana, Gallardo is a diverse and multi-faceted performer with a lyrical depth and a warm, unique vocal style, which helps him weave between genres and become immediately relatable.

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Dave Insley – Just The Way That I Am (2016)


Country artist Dave Insley has another winner in Just the Way That I Am, his fourth solo album and his first since 2008’s West Texas Wine. The Austin, Texas-based singer’s rich baritone, which remains front and center throughout, exudes personality and is nearly as distinctive in its way as the vocals of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. The backup, which features such notables as guitarist Redd Volkaert and guest vocalists like Dale Watson and Kelly Willis, is first-rate. And the songs—including nine by Insley and another two that he cowrote—are uniformly excellent.

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The Captain Legendary Band – Lifetime (2016)


Hailing and railing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana all the way to Houston, Texas, while curtailing nothing pertaining to righteousness and proper behavior, this four-piece describes themselves as a “traditional, progressive folk, and bluegrass” band, ready and willing to take modern day music on a hayride through the thorny nettles of the American southern-rock-roots music underbelly – and they mean it, folks.The music tandem team of Charlie Hager (guitar, lead vocals), Aaron Bancroft (lead guitar, harmony vocals), Jeff Hager (bass), and Matt “The Kid” Groll (drums) began working together in 2006, spanning a myriad of bands in their journey through the southern rock music scene.

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Claire Anne Taylor – Elemental (2016)


“There’s a mighty, musical soul in this woman. And that voice! That Power. And Grace. She sings right into your innards, she taps into the hoodoo and fills you with the good stuff” – Lucie Thorne

“With husky sounds reminiscent of the deep south and swelling rhythms. Devil is a song that pours wickedness into a shot glass, and slams it down like a punch in the gut.” – Christie Ots, Blank Magazine.

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Jack Scott – The Very Best (2016)


As with Elvis Presley and many of the other early rockers, Scott’s style was a mixture of three strands: country, rockabilly and gospel. He excelled at the rockabilly, writing most of his own material. As for country, he recorded a whole album of Hank Williams songs just for starters and also an album of gospel. A tall imposing figure (he was also a bodybuilder) with a deep voice, Scott’s records were often driven by his distinctive acoustic guitar strumming, enjoy them here on this superb 2 disc set.

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