David Thomas Broughton – Crippling Lack (2015)

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Recorded in South Korea, France and the UK and with collaborators from all of these places and beyond, including the likes of Aidan Moffat, Sam Amidon and Beth Orton, this is a giant, sprawling, mesmerising behemoth of an album.

VA – Dust on the Nettles: A Journey Through the British Underground Folk Scene 1967-72 (2015)


With 63 tracks and a total running time of just under four hours, Dust On The Nettles examines the metamorphosis that British folk underwent during the late 1960s, when the influence of psychedelia and the counterculture saw the idiom being twisted into all kinds of new and exotic shapes, as the finger-in-the-ear folk clubs of yore were inexorably drawn into a brave new world of Arts Labs, free festivals and the nascent college/university circuit.

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Bitter Roots – Bitter Roots (2016)

ZBitter Roots is a southern and jam influenced rock and roll band that strangely enough formed in Minneapolis, MN.  Originally from Louisville, KY, guitarist/singer-songwriter Jamey Whatton was transplanted and set roots in the great North.  After a serendipitous meeting with guitarist Brian Dent and keyboardist Stephen Donaho, they manifested a band of like-minded musicians with vocalist Kristy Miller, bassist Christian Olan and drummer Brett Behrens. Their music and songwriting has drawn comparisons to the greats of southern rock and the San Francisco scene of old. Deep melodic grooves, musical raw emotion, punchy hooks, Allman-esque guitarmonies, and gruff, smoky vocals with a uniquely southern cadence define their sound.

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Skyline – Good Days (2016)


Skyline is an exciting band out of Austin, Tx set to make a big push forward in 2016. They are releasing their debut LP titled “Good Days” on April 12th. Produced by Grammy nominated Frenchie Smith at The Bubble, “Good Days” smolders with the ghosts of the power rock bands of the 70’s. Think of early Deep Purple or Trapeze filtered through the mind of a new generation. Powerful, bluesy riffs; a solid, aggressive rhythm section; and a singer that can go from pillow soft to a growling howl effortlessly. If you think that rock and roll has lost it’s edge, well it has found a new voice in Skyline.

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