Stefaan Tubex – Songs for the Bookshelf (2016)

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‘Songs for the bookshelf’, a music album mixed by John Wood, a sound engineer and producer best known for his work with Nick Drake, John Martyn and Sandy Denny. ‘Songs for the bookshelf’ is a singer-songwriter album inspired by many artist including Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen, Bright Eyes, etc.

Jeff Healey – Heal My Soul (2016)


On March 25th, Provogue released Heal My Soul, the first new, original Jeff Healey rock material in over 15 years. This incredible lost album features some of the most powerful and passionate performances Healey ever committed to record.Heal My Soul has been compiled with the participation and full approval of the Jeff Healey Estate to coincide with what would have been Healey’s 50th birthday on March 25th, 2016. Healey is remembered as one of the most outstanding guitarists and performers of the past 30 years. After losing his sight during childhood, he developed the distinctive lap-style guitar technique that helped bring him international fame.

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Maria Dunn – Gathering (2016)


On her sixth recording, Gathering, Maria Dunn highlights stories of love–not songs of romantic love, but songs of family, community, humanity and the love that fires our actions to make the world a better place. The songs range from historical and narrative to personal and immediate, inspired by social justice stories both global (Malala, When The Grandmothers Meet) and local (When I Was Young, How I Live).Musicians performing with Maria for this celebration include: Gathering producer Shannon Johnson (violin) and Jeremiah McDade (saxophone, bansuri, whistles, guitar), members of Juno Award-winning band The McDades.

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Lizanne Knott – Excellent Day (2016)


Well looky here, this is the Lucinda Williams album we’ve been waiting for as the follow up to her white album. Perfectly capturing the smoky vocals that enticed us to want to share some passionate kisses backed by some solid industrial folk – bottoming heart touching writing, this is a perfect example of the kind of excellence ears demanding the crème of the crop demand. On point throughout without a wasted note, Knott has proven herself to be the new belle of the ball. Killer stuff throughout.

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