Matt Patershuk – I Was So Fond of You (2016)


This is only the second full length album that Canadian country singer songwriter Matt Patershuk has released and yet the recording has the feel and warm atmosphere of an artist who has been around for decades! Maybe it’s because many of the songs are reminiscent of the ‘country and western’ music of five or six decades ago but with a natural modern day ‘alt.’ edge in production, arrangement and musicality that avoids any of the sugary sweetness that many of the recordings back then were guilty of. Matt’s deep vocal style has a naturalness that must be the envy of singers who have to resort to affectations to get their story across, sometimes tender, at others ominously threatening but always natural.

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Kelley McRae – The Wayside (2016)

zRecorded in Vancouver, BC, The Wayside brings on acclaimed Canadian producer Roy Salmond to polish McRae’s raw lyricism. He also plays keys, bass and percussion on several tracks. Additional brushstrokes from Jon Andersen on lap and pedal steel and Spencer Capier on violin, mandolin, and the traditional Greek bouzouki lend depth and variety.Her fifth release, The Wayside seems to flow organically from Kelley McRae. “I fell in love with writing,” she said, “I found I was better at singing what I meant than saying what I meant and I still am all these years later.

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Hollie Smith – Water Or Gold (2016)

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Hollie Smith’s third solo album, Water Or Gold. Undoubtedly one of Aotearoa’s strongest voices, Hollie Smith new album is made up of 11 songs that were written over the past couple of years, and span times of both joy and sadness.

Jesca Hoop & Sam Beam – Love Letter for Fire (2016)


Love Letter for Fire is a collaboration between Sam Beam (aka Iron and Wine) and singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop. The thirteen-track album features the singles “Every Songbird Says” and “Valley Clouds,” and was written throughout 2014. Love Letter for Fire features Beam and Hoop on vocals and guitar along with Robert Burger (keys), Eyvind Kang (violin, viola), Glenn Kotche (drums, percussion), Sebastian Steinberg (bass) and Edward Rankin-Parker (cello). The album also features a cover photo by Sam Beam.

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Joni Mitchell & Herbie Hancock – Bread & Roses (2015)


Bread & Roses is a rare and fascinating record of Joni Mitchell during one of her most artistically fertile, daring periods.; coming in advance of Mingus , there s also a loose, exploratory feel to the performance, as Mitchell tests her new work in public for the first time. This concert is quite simply essential listening both for Joni Mitchell fans and anyone wishing to acquaint themselves with one of the most iconic, innovative voices in music.

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