John Doe – The Westerner (2016)


The title of John Doe’s new album couldn’t be more appropriate. The Westerner,finds the co-founder of Los Angeles punk legends X meditating across open expanses of the desert, sun burning bright in the sky and the arid landscape shimmering with mystery.Doe’s inspiration came in a feverish burst in Tucson, Arizona, where he was recording with Howe Gelb (of Giant Sand) and spent time with his friend, author Michael Blake (Dances With Wolves), hours before his death. guest appearances from Chan Marshall of Cat Power, Debbie Harry of Blondie, Cindy Wasserman of Dead Rock West and Tom Brosseau.

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Eric Bibb & North Country Far With Danny Thompson – The Happiest Man In The World (2016)


‘The Happiest Man In The World’ is a tasty gumbo of Eric Bibb’s newest bluesy-country songs recorded in the English countryside … The stellar acoustic band, made up of musicians who have known each other for years, features legendary upricght vassist Danny Thompson (Alexis Korner, Pentangle, Donovan, John Martyn …). His exuberant, soulful sound at the heart of these songs makes ‘The Happiest Man In The World’ a real treat.

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Wilder Adkins – Hope & Sorrow (2016)

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Leaning heavily into his folk and Americana roots while still embracing a wide array of instruments and textures, Wilder Adkins is proud to unveil his newest set of songs which is sure to be played in heavy rotation on your hi-fi stereos and boomboxes.

Travis – Everything At Once [Japanese Deluxe Edition] (2016)


Travis make successful, sometimes truly special, pop music. The time for judging them against ‘serious’ or ‘real’ or whatever the self-consciously backward arbiters of desperate notions of authentic masculinity are calling lumpen rock music these days is over. If you sometimes need to reach for songs that make you smile, that deliver adrenaline or emotional balm, then you could do an awful lot worse than ‘Everything At Once’.

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Greyhounds – Change of Pace (2016)


“The war is on for your mind,” sings Anthony Farrell, one half of Austin duo Greyhounds, who make an audacious statement of substance and style on their second – and best – album ‘Change of Pace,’ out April 1st on Ardent Music. A collection of technicolor soul and sweat-drenched R&B, the album features thirteen new, original songs written by Farrell and Greyhounds guitarist/singer Andrew Trube, and recorded on a collection of rewired keyboards and junkshop guitars.

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Martina McBride – Reckless (2016)


Her 13th studio album, Reckless, and will mark her first release on the new Nash Icon record label. She once again pairs with Dann Huff, the producer of 2014’s Everlasting album, along with Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift, Mickey Guyton) on the project.”That’s what making this album felt like to me: coming home,” says McBride. “We took our time and just let the songs and production develop and even though working with Dann and Nathan together was a new experience, somehow we captured a sound that feels like the music I’ve done my whole career and yet fresh at the same time.”

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