Bob Corbett, The Roo Grass Band – Lucky Country (2015)

The group consists of Bob Corbett himself, Dave Carter, Sue Carson and Robbie Long with a mixture of exceptional vocal harmonies, guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, dobro and percussion.‘Roo Grass’ is the name given to Bob’s style of music and unique sound, not to be described by any well known genres. His fresh take on Australian country and folk has been performed across Australia and North America. Impressing audiences with a mixture of stories, fun, humour and deep thought, all melded into both traditional and contemporary music.

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Nathaniel Talbot – Swamp Rose and Honeysuckle Vine (2015)

Swamp Rose & Honeysuckle Vine captures the raw, live energy of Talbot’s guitar playing, and has a more stripped-down approach than his previous albums – no drums, fewer string arrangements, and sparse vocal harmonies. Tracking guitar and vocals live and solo, usually in just one or two takes, Talbot then brought in his quartet of Portland all-stars, Anna Tivel (violin, vocals), Sam Howard (double bass) and Lincoln Crockett (mandolin) and Benji Nagel (dobro), whose auxiliary instrumentation is used intentionally and sparingly to great effect, filling in and conversing with the core of Talbot’s playing and singing.

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Jack Bruce – More Jack Than Blues (Feat. Hr Bigband) (2015)

Reissue of a highly acclaimed 2006 concert which saw legendary Cream bassist, vocalist and composer Jack Bruce join forces with the HR-Bigband to perform at the 37th German Jazz Festival Frankfurt. He presents classic Cream songs and other landmarks of his career, in gripping new arrangements. It was a magic moment of dialogue between jazz and rock that roamed between composition, improvisation and vibrant, virtuoso performances.Bruce, who died in 2014 was an icon of the rock world: the legendary song writer, bassist, pianist and singer with the powerful trio Cream and in his countless subsequent projects over the last 50 years.

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Ethan Johns & The Black Eyed Dogs – Silver Liner (2015)

As Neil Young invests his energy into making “ecologically focused” albums and Ryan Adams slides sycophantically into Taylor Swift’s squad, there’s a gap in the market for an earnest Americana frontman. Rock producer and sometime singer-songwriter Ethan Johns certainly has the creative vision to scale the heights of rootsy solo guitar music, but his lyrical prowess is lacking. His third solo album is full of atmospheric desert rock and country – think Wilco, Laura Marling, moody e-bows and finger-picked guitars – but while he masters the woozy, scorched sonics, he is not the captivating wordsmith such songs traditionally require.

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Neko Case – Truckdriver Gladiator Mule (2015)

Truckdriver Gladiator Mule compiles Neko Case’s entire solo discography from 1997-2013 on vinyl, issued in a handsome collector’s box complete with an 80-page, self-curated photo book, and an illustrated turntable slipmat. A highly influential songwriter possessing one of rock’s most commanding voices, Case’s evolution from robust, old-time country throwback to noirish, indie auteur plays out over the course of eight remastered LPs. Reissued by Anti Records, this set contains her six studio albums, The Virginian (1997), Furnace Room Lullaby (2000), Blacklisted (2002), Fox Confessor Brings the Flood (2006), Middle Cyclone (2009), and The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You (2013). Also included are Case’s 2001 Canadian Amp EP and the 2004 live album The Tigers Have Spoken.

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Mike and the Moonpies – Mockingbird (2015)

zMockingbird,the third album from the Austin-based outfit. Mike And The Moonpies solidified themselves over the past several years as Austin, Texas’ premier honky-tonk band. Maintaining weekly residencies at iconic venues like Broken Spoke, White Horse and Hole in the Wall all while touring Texas every weekend has made the band tighter than they’ve ever been. The growing regional popularity of their 2012 release The Hard Way and this nonstop touring schedule has allowed them to take the entire Texas music scene by storm. Produced by frontman, Mike Harmeier and longtime friend and musician Michael Kingcaid, this album features 10 brand new original songs all written by Harmeier and performed by the Moonpies. Several guest performers that appeared on 2012’s The Hard Way returned for this one, including Warren Hood (Lyle Lovett), Jenn Miori Hodges (Carper Family), and Pete Weiss (Leo Rondeau). The album was recorded at the legendary Cedar Creek Studio in Austin by John Silva (the Trishas) and mixed at Good Danny’s in Austin by Max Lorenzen. Mockingbird is sure to make a huge impact on the Texas Country scene and place the Moonpies in a position to break into the Americana.

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Danny Barnes – Got Myself Together (Ten Years Later) (2015)

Danny Barnes’ first collection in six years reworks an album from a decade ago. The Seattle-area resident simply strips songs to their essence on the new recording. “I spend a lot of time developing new contexts like the barnyard electronics aesthetic,” Barnes says. “Get Myself Together was my last acoustic-type recording and I wanted to make something with this record that featured more of my raw acoustic sound, as though I was kind of playing in your living room.”  Icing on the cake: Barnes recently won this year’s Steve Martin Excellence in Bluegrass and Banjo winner.  “Danny Barnes doesn’t sound like anyone else,” says jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, whose “Big Shoe” closes out the album proper.

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Jessica Graae – Sea Dream (2015)

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Jessica blends her folk style & classical training to create haunting, soulful songs. Her “evocative, lush, exquisite vocals, accompanied by elegant & impressive guitar playing” create a “meditative backdrop” for her music.

Apache Dropout – Masters (2015)

Apache Dropout are drenched in retro signifiers. They took their name from a song by 1970s Brit group the Edgar Broughton Band and covered 1910 Fruitgum Company, their album art resembles classic poster styles, and their music bleeds history with its fuzzy garage riffs, cardboard-box beats, crackly movie-dialogue samples, and the Roky Erickson-worthy yelps of rubber-voiced singer Sonny Blood. It’s almost too perfect that the Indiana trio called their last album Bubblegum Graveyard and adorned it with a Tales From the Crypt-style zombie cartoon–their music often sounds like ’60s DIY pop rising from its own ashes.

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Robert J. Hunter – Before the Dawn (2015)

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Robert J. Hunter combines his gruff, powerful and distinct voice with rustic, wild bluesy thud of overdriven guitars to create a truly unique sound.Heavily influenced by Peter Green, Rory Gallagher, The Black Crowes, Howlin’ Wolf, Wilko Johnson to name a few, RJH is no stranger to the stage. performing in bands since he was 14 in Alderney, Channel Islands where he was born.