Hank Shizzoe – This Place Belongs To The Birds (2015)

With this, his 14th album in 20 years, Hank Shizzoe comes full circle and finds his way back to what made him want to become a musician in the first place: acoustic guitars and the depth and truth that we love about folk music. This Place Belongs To The Birds is a light and swinging album about inner journeys and The Great Outdoors. It presents ten songs, performed and recorded in an athmosphere that provides ample space for music and lyrics and gives the listener time to discover and enjoy it. These are simple, warm and honest songs by an artist who says of himself that he has trained for 25 years to finally make this album.Those who have seen and heard Hank Shizzoe on stage in the past two decades know that he is no stranger to hard, raw and driving rock’n’roll music. And yet his deep love for folk, country blues and all kinds of world music always showed. While his trademark (slide) guitar style may nod to such varied influences as Ry Cooder, Billy F. Gibbons, David Hidalgo, Ali Farka Touré or Mark Knopfler – all players with deep connections to roots music – his songwriting always oriented itself on the folk tradition. Never has this been more evident in his illustrious career than here, on the new album This Place Belongs To The Birds.

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John McLaughlin – Black Light (2015)

The album features eight original McLaughlin compositions, including a heartfelt homage to his departed colleague, collaborator and friend, Paco De Lucia. McLaughlin had intended to compose an album’s worth of new material with the guitarist just before De Lucia’s untimely passing on February 25, 2014. The De Lucia tribute is titled “El Hombre Que Sabia” and features McLaughlin on acoustic guitar. The title means “The Man Who Knew,“ and you can hear McLaughlin playing a portion of it in the video below.Aside from that track, Black Light features electric instrumentation. For the album, McLaughlin is backed by the 4th Dimension: multi-instrumentalist Gary Husband (keyboards and drums), Etienne Mbappe (bass) and Ranjit Barot (drums).

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Rob Hirst and Sean Sennett – Crashing The Same Car Twice (2015)

Crashing The Same Car Twice is the debut album from Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil) and Sean Sennett. The pair met a hundred years ago at a songwriters workshop on a mountain in Victoria. They had dinner that night and wrote a song together the next day. Every once in a while they would reconnect, usually near a beach, and write more songs. Essentially a garage rock album, Crashing The Same Car Twice, was recorded over the course of a long hot summer in Brisbane. The songs are intense and urgent. Immediate highlights include the first single, ‘When Darkness Comes’, ‘White Phosphor Fireworks’ (which sounds like a lost Midnight Oil classic), ‘Beautiful Girl (She Sleeps On Her Breath)’ and the collaboration with Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek, ‘Call To Arms’.

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Sara Lov – Some Kind of Champion (2015)

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‘Some Kind of Champion’ is typically lush and meditative, waltzing between the folk and pop worlds with lyrical aplomb and even, on the title track, recalling another of L.A. finest sirens, Jenny Lewis.