Wise Old River – Pictures On The Wall (2015)

Wise Old River blends a variety of influences and instruments that combine tradition with originality. The group features vocalist/guitarist Jamen Denton (formerly of Virginia Ground and was recognized as best male vocalist by the GoTriCities.com Music Awards in 2005). Jeanne Denton provides well-crafted harmony vocals and occasional percussion. Jim Denton adds acoustic lap steel, 12 string slide guitar, and bouzouki. Bassist Stephen Marshall joined the band in fall 2010 and plays with an Americana focus bridging musical styles with his honest sound and harmonic vibe. Their sound has been described as “Eclectic-Americana.”

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Stevie Ray Vaughan – North Of The Great Divide: The Seattle Broadcast 1986 (Feat. Bonnie Raitt) (2015)

This performance, live from the Bumbershoot Arts Festival in Seattle and originally broadcast by local radio station KISW captures Stevie Ray Vaughan in the month that Soul to Soul was released. It is a fascinating document of a key turning point in his career, at the height of his fame before the addictions took over, and about to unveil a landmark album with a new sound. Here, together with classic material from his early repertoire, Stevie performs almost all of Soul to Soul for an expectant audience. He is joined on stage by the peerless blues guitarist and singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt in what is a unique, unmissable concert from the quintessential Double Trouble era.

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Iain Morrison – Eas (2015)

Iain Morrison, the son of the distinguished Scottish piper Iain M Morrison (senior), was taught the highland pipes (piobaireachd) from a young age by his father. Despite an early love for the music he chose not to follow the path of his father and instead followed one towards Indie Rock and song-writing. Six albums in, he returns to the culture and language in which he was raised with Eas, an album rich with Morrison’s established sound intertwined with the piping tradition and the sweet sound of his Gaelic mother-tongue.

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Rita Hosking – Frankie and the No-Go Road (2015)

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Brand new album, Frankie and the No-Go Road, will release in the United States on September 22nd, and in the United Kingdom, Oct. 30. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for an official music video, animated by Rita herself!  Frankie and the No-Go Road — “a bold revitalization of the American spirit as seen through the hero’s journey.”

The Turnpike Troubadours – The Turnpike Troubadours (2015)


Turnpike Troubadours  takes its name from the Indian Nation Turnpike, a 105-mile parkway stretched across southeastern Oklahoma — there’s no place like home. Armed with songs about love, loss and life in the Sooner State, the country-rockers have built one of the fiercest followings in the Red Dirt scene.

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Jesse Lafser – Raised on the Plains (2015)

Raised on the Plains is the kind of country-folk album that you must have in the collection.  Lafser’s voice is classic country with the right hint of twang and pathos capturing that quintessential sound. Her songs create the kind of longing for love and discovery that you expect from classic country fair, however it’s stooped in a richness of blues and folk storytelling.

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