The California Honeydrops – A River’s Invitation (2015)

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The music on “A River’s Invitation,” the fantastic new album by the California Honeydrops, seems born from times like that. The Oakland group has been making a name for itself across the country with its soulful, lively shows that mix jazz, 1960s R&B, blues and second-line jazz into an irresistible dance party.

Gary Clark Jr. – The Story of Sonny Boy Slim (2015)

The albums title stems from the nickname “Sonny Boy” which is what his mother would call him when he was younger, and his musical peers have referred to him as “Slim.” Clark also shared that, “The underlying tone of this album is faith and hope, ’cause that’s what we need.”The thirteen track album features Gary mixing various elements of blues, rock, soul, funk, and hip hop into the music to deliver his message.

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