Kaia Kater – Sorrow Bound (2015)

Kaia Kater is one of the youngest people in roots music. Kaia’s music combines beautifully subtle old-time banjo with soft sensibilities, mixing elements of both Canadian and American historical traditions with a modern sound. Her new album, produced by Chris Bartos, is out this week, and ‘Sorrow Bound’ is absolutely superb!

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Pony Boy – Blue Gold (2015)

Blue Gold – the debut album from Pony Boy out August 28th – inhabits a dream state between art rock and alt-country, swaying between hope and lament, her velvety voice punctuated with sharp edges.  The record is looking at California in the rear-view mirror,” explains the artist, real name Marchelle Bradanini, who currently splits time between Nashville and England. “Sometimes you gain perspective on a place when you leave it.

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Buzz Cason – Record Machine (2015)

It’s been a long and varied ride to say the least for music veteran Buzz Cason. His career, which has spanned parts of six decades, has seen Cason sing backup for the likes of Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson and sing lead for Buddy Holly’s old band, the Crickets. He has penned songs that have been covered by U2 and The Beatles, sat in the producer’s chair and has found himself enshrined as a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He’s also a performer in his own right and his new release, Record Machine, is a mix of familiar sounds, yet somehow sounds fresh.Six decades on and Buzz Cason still has something to say musically. With an exciting new album, Record Machine, and a tour to follow, 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for this veteran.

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Bubbles Brown – Mt. Gilead (2015)

Bubbles Brown is a two-piece early blues outfit from Chicago, IL. Bubbles (Guitar, Vocals) and Washboard Ben (Percussion, Vocals) cut their teeth on the blues deep in the subways of Chicago, busking for change and the occasional dollar. Using only a guitar, washboard, sock cymbal, assorted percussion and a suitcase bass drum -the duo and their lean, archaic setup evoke the home-spun, kitchen-sink aesthetic of rural, pre-war blues and country, while blending into it an aggressive and modern electricity to create a sound at-once both nostalgic and distinctly progressive. The Bubbles Brown sound defies expectations, and their rich and reverent brand of the blues, country and jazz of the 20s and 30s greatly exceeds the sum of its parts, transforming stages of any size into roadside juke joints and skeptics into believers.

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Shannon & the Clams – Gone by the Dawn (2015)

The Oakland-based vintage garage-punk trio has gifted the world with their new album entitled, Gone By The Dawn. The studio album is set to release in September 2015. Out of three different journeys in the American west merged the anachronistic influence and a unique musical complex of lyrical companionship. The band consists of singer and guitarist, Cody Blanchard (Oregon), singer and bassists, Shannon Shaw (Northern California) and drummer and keys, Nate Mayhem (California’s central coast). These three talented comrades started their venture playing house parties and hole-in-the-wall clubs. This album is critically-acclaimed to be some of their best production by far.

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