The On and Ons – It’s the On and Ons Calling (2015)

After a successful stint touring Australia and the US in 2012 as members of The Paul Collins Beat, local vocalist and guitarist Glenn Morris and his drummer brother Brian were encouraged to record their own album of Glenn’s original songs. Both members of local outfit The Zeros, Glenn is perhaps better known as a member of Kings of the Sun and later The Screaming Tribesmen. Produced and engineered by legendary Australian guitarist Dennis Wilson of Khavas Jute fame, “It’s The On And Ons Calling” consists of 11 songs that are pure rock/power pop in essence. Just what you might hope for; great tunes based on exceptional harmonies and classic instrumentation.

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Angry Johnny & the Killbillies – What’s So Funny (1998)

Angry Johnny & The Killbillies’ follow-up to Hankenstein finds them exploring new musical terrain while still maintaining the sick, disturbing lyrical tone that earmarked their debut. The rougher production of their opening gun is replaced by a smoother, more mainstream sound, with producer Mark Alan Miller bringing in everything from Eric Ambel’s lead guitar and B-3 organ to balalaikas, clarinets, tubas and accordions to spice things up. Highlights are plentiful, but special attention must be paid to “All American Girl,” “Kill Again,” “Jezebel,” “A Love More True” and “Won’t Get Me Out of Your Mind.”

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Stolen Jars – Kept (2015)

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Stolen Jars is an indie music project of Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund. The two have used inspiration from acts Sufjan Stevens, Elvis Costello, and Dirty Projectors.

Rayland Baxter – Imaginary Man (2015)

Rayland Baxter‘s music sounds as easily and unaffectedly Southern as a glass of sweet iced tea enjoyed on the back porch on a warm and slightly humid day. There’s not a lot of twang in Baxter’s music (or his voice), but his melodies and arrangements are evocative in the manner of a good novel, painting a vivid portrait of time and place, and there’s a laid-back but emotionally powerful vibe to his lyrics and vocals that’s smart but unpretentious, and generates a sense of drama that feels low key on the surface, but inside is as potent as vintage Tennessee Williams.

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