The Band – Palladium Circles: The Classic NYC Broadcast 1976 (2015)

Just two months before their farewell concert The Last Waltz, The Band performed an electric show at the iconic New York venue, The Palladium. The performance was broadcast live on local radio station WNEW FM, allowing everyone in the vicinity to hear this dynamic gig. It may have been one of The Band’s last live performances, but the passion in their music showed no sign of wavering. Their more famous and high profile goodbye concert performed alongside the good and great of contemporary music a couple of months henceforth would become the group’s swansong thanks to the film of the event made by Martin Scorsese, but this more intimate affair provides an excellent opportunity to hear just how great The Band were sounding live in a more traditional setting at this juncture.

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Caribou Mountain Collective – Went Down With The Sun (2015)

When a band uses the modifier “Colorado” to describe their style of bluegrass, it immediately conjures a laid-back, loose and jammy sub-genre, far to the left of traditional bluegrass. Sure, the state is home to RockyGrass and is responsible for birthing conventional bluegrassers like High Plains Tradition and Bluegrass Patriots. But to many, “Colorado bluegrass” means bands like Leftover Salmon, Yonder Mountain String Band and The Infamous Stringdusters.

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Luther Badman Keith – Bluesmen Are Kings (2015)

His vocals have been compared to Jimi Hendrix, his guitar playing and energy to Luther Allison with a sense of humor all his own. All of that, and his own sense of originality as a bluesmen, make Luther Badman Keith a bluesman with lots of influences but still marching to his own drummer. Keith’s blues; can be a touch of Santana, or Robert Cray to a driving hard hitting blues that punches you right in the gut.

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Slackjaw – It’s Always Something (2015)

It’s Always Something, the second album from New Jersey blues rockers Slackjaw.This trio consists of singer/guitarist John Thompson, drummer/harmonicist Randy Marinelli, and bassist/backing vocalist Carl Capodice.Album opener “Carried By Six” is smothered in Texas blues and sounds great. Not only is Thompson one hell of a guitar slinger, but Capodice and Marinelli hold the fort down quite nicely to boot. When it comes to relationships, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. That’s the message in the rocking title track, “It’s Always Something”. Thompson seriously tears it up, and throws down the gauntlet when it comes to blasting out intense guitar licks.

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U2 – Another Time, Another Place: Live at The Marquee London 1980 (2015)

A rare live set from 1980, now digitally remastered and presented on double 10″ vinyl . Recorded in the legendary Marquee Club in London, this rare live set comes from a period when the band were taking early songs like The Electric Co, I Will Follow and Out of Control on the road across Ireland and the UK. This limited edition release was available to subscribers only and will not be on sale online or in store.

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Debbie Davies – Love Spin (2015)

Debbie Davies moved from West Coast to East a few years ago and this album was recorded in Connecticut with Debbie co-producing with Paul Opalach who also contributes some keyboard, lap steel and bass parts. Debbie is on guitar and vocals with long-serving drummer Don Castagno throughout with Wilbo Wright or Scott Spray on bass. Dave Keyes adds piano to two tracks, Dana Robbins and Terry Hanck sax to two tracks each and Jay Stollman vocals to one track. Debbie wrote four of the songs, Don five and there are two covers.

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John King & The Mud River Revival – Write The Wrongs (2015)

John King and the Mud River Revival released their debut record, “Write the Wrongs”. The record was written and recorded between December 2014 and May 2015. The release marks the first foray into the Roots Country genre for any of the members of the band.Although the four members of John King and the Mud River Revival could fill the pages of their own books with stories of triumph and heartbreak onstage, in the studio, and on the road, the story of this band is just getting started.

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Spock’s Beard – The Oblivion Particle [Deluxe Edition] (2015)

The Oblivion Particle finds the band answering the needs of their creations by utilizing the considerable versatility of each member.  In addition to Ted Leonard’s soaring vocals and Dave Meros’ distinctive bass,  Alan Morse adds autoharp, banjolele, electric sitar and mandolin to his array of instruments, drummer Jimmy Keegan takes over lead vocals on “Bennett Built a Time Machine” and Ryo expands his arsenal of keyboard sounds throughout the album.  In addition, virtuoso Kansas violinist David Ragsdale lends his touch to the album’s majestic closer, “Disappear.”

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