Gaelic Storm – Matching Sweaters (2015)

Gaelic Storm is back in 2015 with their 12th studio album, once again delivering the foot-stomping, eclectic mix of tunes that have established the band as one of world music’s premier live acts. Matching Sweaters infuses traditional Celtic music with modern influences, updating the genre for a new generation of fans raised on rock, country, and folk. These 12 brand new tracks straddle the line between tradition and innovation in the world music format, making Matching Sweaters an absolute must-have.

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Mark Lanegan – Houston: Publishing Demos 2002 (2015)

Houston (Publishing Demos 2002) contains previously unreleased recordings recorded over a 7-day stretch in the spring of 2002, two years after the dissolution of his pioneering alt-rock group Screaming Trees.The album (due August 21st via Ipecac Recordings) proves a line of demarcation between 2001’s Field Songs and the one-two punch of 2003’s Here Comes That Weird Chill EP and 2004’s Bubblegum, two albums that showed a gradual evolution from laconic blues to more experimental sonic textures.

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John Howard & The Night Mail – John Howard & The Night Mail (2015)

Though John Howard’s recording career spools back to 1975 and has harvested crops of critical accolades, such offerings have yet to penetrate the mainstream consciousness. The British singer, songwriter and pianist’s genius is now bound to be recognized on a greater scale, however, with John Howard and the Night Mail (available Aug. 21, 2015 via Tapete Records) because it truly steps in as one of the very best albums of the year.Joining John on the album are Robert Rotifer on guitar, Andy Lewis on bass and mellotron, and Ian Button on drums. Save for a credible remake of Roddy Frame’s “Small World,” the album contains original compositions.

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Slobberbone – Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today (2000)

“We are a rock band, pure and simple,” says gravelly-voiced lead singer Brent Best, but as this third release from the Texas-based outfit makes clear it isn’t so simple after all. The group have staked out a rather original space somewhere between country and punk rock, and they’ve filled it with quirky characters, memorable stories, and high-octane music that refuses to be pinned down and categorized. The instrumentation ranges from fiddle and mandolin to accordion and tuba; the sound is sometimes folk-country delicate, sometimes frenzied hard rock, though it leans more to the latter than the former. As for the lyrics, Slobberbone’s ideas occasionally run out before a track ends, but they’re generally dark and/or funny, and more than a little twisted.

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Brent Best – Your Dog Champ (2015)

Despite critical acclaim and praise from the high profile likes of Stephen King and the Drive-By Truckers’ Patterson Hood, the Brent Best fronted Slobberbone never found more than a cult audience on the Americana radar.Best’s follow-up band The Drams didn’t click either despite a terrific 2006 debut, their only album. Now nine years later, the Denton, Texas based singer/songwriter returns to give it another whirl, this time as a solo act.Older, perhaps wiser and certainly less boisterous than with either of his previous guitar heavy groups, Best has always been lyrically sharp. But this time he gets introspective too, unwinding words with stripped down, occasionally stark folk and country accompaniment.

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The White Buffalo – Love And The Death Of Damnation (2015)

Jake Smith, known by his adoring cult following as the White Buffalo, is set to release his fifth full-length album.A classic American singer-songwriter in the tradition of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Steve Earle, Smith combines storytelling, sensitivity, gritty Americana, and contemplative folk music with the skill and grace of his idols, and as you’ll hear, the new record is as strong, not to mention varied a collection of songs as he’s ever put out.
“This album is the most musically and lyrically diverse I’ve ever done,” Smith tells.

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Thee Jenerators – The Devil’s Chords (2015)

The fifth album from Guernsey garage legends Thee Jenerators, mixing rock n roll and punk and 60s psyche and swaggering 70s influences. The band have been together for over 10 years and have experienced fluctuating line ups and many different adventures over their long life, keeping faith with the rock n roll spirit of energy and great song writing. This is by far their best album.

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