Kris Begg – Asleep on the Tracks (2015)

Kris Begg is a singer/songwriter from a small town in southern Ontario. With roots in acoustic folk and rock, his sounds are full of rich autobiographical stories and often take a wildly experimental direction.Kris describes Asleep On the Tracks as a collection of whiskey and wine-soaked love songs. Like most art that revolves around a combination of love and alcohol, there is a lot of sadness and regret in these songs.

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Blue Mother Tupelo – Heaven & Earth (2009)

Heaven & Earth is rockin’ Americana & hill country blues with melodic harmonies and rhythms that groove … turn it up and take a trip through southern America … here are some great songs of love, faith, friendship, wandering and longing and beauty. From the mountains of Appalachia to Biloxi, from Clarksdale and Otha Turner’s farm to Tupelo and then to the hills and mountains of Tennessee this work is in the true American songwriting tradition.


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