Eszter Balint – Airless Midnight (2015)

Hungarian-born Balint is an accomplished musician, and has played on albums by Marc Ribot, Angels of Light, and Swans. As you can tell, she’s clearly highly regarded by some of the biggest talents in two different mediums.
Her new album Airless Midnight is her first since 2004’s Mud. Featuring appearances by Ribot and Sam Phillips, Balint, who plays guitar, mandolin, violin, and more, creates an eclectic collection of songs, but retains a remarkable consistent tone and theme throughout.Alternately sultry, playful, and visceral, the album veers from singer-songwriter contemplation to percussive intensity that hints at a Swans influence, with Balint’s distinct persona bringing it all together. Beautifully produced by bassist JD Foster, Airless Midnight is the perfect soundtrack to a dusky summer night, be it sweltering or stormy. Give it a listen, and lose yourself in her strange world.

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