Miracle Mule – Swampy Tonkin’ (2015)

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Miracle Mule performs a style of music we like to call swampy tonk… like honky tonk, but with elements of good ole New Orleans. It is so fun that we had to write a song about it, Swampy Tonkin’.

Melonie Cannon – And The Wheels Turn (2008)

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Melonie Cannon is one of the best singers I know…Her new bluegrass album is fantastic. I love her voice anyway, but singing with a great bluegrass band was a good idea. They blend well together. The fact that I got to sing with her on a song I wrote makes it even better. Go Melonie –(Willie Nelson)

Samantha Crain – Under Branch & Thorn & Tree (2015)

Following 2013’s critically-acclaimed album Kid Face, singer-songwriter Samantha Crain will see her fourth album, Under Branch & Thorn & Tree, released on Full Time Hobby. The new album was recorded and mixed at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco, and produced by John Vanderslice, (The Mountain Goats, Spoon) who also helmed Kid Face. The albums intimate vignettes are marked by Crains smoldering vocals and lyrics that call attention to the details of everyday life that often escape us, supported by the subtle musical settings she crafted with Vanderslice and the backing musicians.

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Samantha Crain – Kid Face (2013)

frontHer distinctive croon and literate lyrics are as potent as ever, but Oklahoma singer-songwriter Samantha Crain layers a palpable vulnerability on “Kid Face,” her most autobiographical album to date.With her third LP, Crain, 26, courageously channels her personal heartbreaks and breakthroughs into her usual poetic folk/rock, giving the 11 songs added emotional veracity. The Dale High School graduate’s music has always been imbued with earthy authenticity, but she uses personal experience to hone her pen to an even finer point with “Kid Face.”Crain wrote all 11 tracks and recorded them at producer John Vanderslice’s all-analog Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco, which only boosts the rootsy warmth already inherent in her sound. The troubadour emanates self-confidence and determination with the first single, the jangly folk kiss-off “Never Going Back.”

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