Eggplant Heroes – Better Weather (2015)

Two guitars, one trumpet,a mandolin, a violin, a bass, an electric guita(for necessary twang) the occasional bit of hand percussion, and a whole lot of harmony…That’s what Eggplant Heroes have to work with. Eggplant Heroes play music that spans folk, gospel and literary traditions. From old favorites to original works, you are sure to find yourself pleased to listen.

320 kbps | 138 MB | UL | UA

The Wellgreen – Summer Rain (2015)

“Summer Rain” is a very ’60s styled single, but the building melody of “Maybe It’s The Pressure Of The City Life That’s Tearing Us Apart” is truly great with impeccable harmonies. “Jennifer” once again dazzles with its yearning melody. “Sunday” and “Remember” are Beatles styled songs that will charm you for sure. “Grin and Bear It” has a Beach Boys party atmosphere, and a “Impossible Love” has a James Taylor vibe. While not everything hits the mark, enough does to make it a highly recommended album.

VBR~235 kbps|80 MB| UL | UA