The Mavericks – Mono (2015)

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Country’s coolest, most versatile band, led by the silver-throated Raul Malo, returns with more country infused with elements of world music, rock, jazz and whatever else the group has decided to throw in.

Anna Mitchell – Down To The Bone (2015)

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‘Down to the Bone’ captures the songwriter confidently moving between soulful Americana, brooding late night ballads, and country tinged folk, paying homage to the traditions of the influences that went before while carving out a unique and contemporary space for her voice to be heard

Rod Melancon – Parish Lines (2014)

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Bursting forth with a sound salvaged from the cutting room floor of a long lost session of the million dollar quartet at Sun Studios, ‘Parish Lines’ from Rod Melancon isn’t retro; it’s the real deal. Hailing from South Louisiana, as documented on the fiery honky-tonk track bearing that name, Melancon delivers vocal skills full of authenticity and back country pride. The ten strong songs cover the gamut of roots rock, country and hillbilly soul, and tell us tales of a small town America that we wish still existed beyond our nostalgia.