Amparo Sanchez – Espiritu del Sol (2014)

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After his first solo album in 2010 Tucson-Habana and Alma Cantaora two years later, the Spanish flamenco singer is releasing this Espiritu del Sol which erects the rank of one of the most charismatic, communicative and friendly voice on the music scene Spanish. Passion for the bolero, rumba and even the Argentine cuarteto, all highlighted by the desert heat given off by the production of Joey Burns of Calexico, this recorded at Studio Wavelab in Tucson opus also hosts other friends and musicians Calexico as John Convertino (drums), Sergio Mendoza (keyboard, accordion), Ryan Alfred (bass), Jacob Valenzuela (trumpet) and The Mariachi Luz de Luna.

Hal Ketchum – I’m The Troubadour (2014)

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Earlier this week, Hal Ketchum announced an October 7 release date for his first album in six years, I’m the Troubadour, via his new label Music Road Records. The follow-up to 2008′s Father Time, I’m the Troubadour is a genre-defying collection of songs that pulls from Ketchum’s diverse influences, including blues, rock and soul.

Melissa Ruth & The Likely Stories – Riding Mercury (2014)

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Qualitatively and ‘funkilly’ this excellent album reminds me of the great Steely Dan. Stylistically and musically they are nothing alike but still that feeling persists. Maybe much of that impression is due to the recording quality, perhaps an overlap in instrumentation and the ‘funkiness’ of their take on ‘roots music.’ There are elements of jazz, although this is not a jazz album, as well as elements of other roots sub genres but it is impossible to say what the dominant style is.


Melvins – Hold It In (2014)

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One of the Melvins’ most diverse and melodic, flirting with New Wave,and psychobilly between epic guitar jams and gleefully twisted epics such as the closing “House of Gasoline.”  The first studio release for the band in four years sees Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover joined by Butthole Surfers’ Paul Leary and JD Pinkus.

Lipbone Redding – Esmeralda (2014)

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Esmeralda is built upon a foundation of nylon string guitar, foot stomps and “human noises.” The grooves are initiated by hand claps, vocalized bass parts, guttural groans, teeth clicking, mouth popping, and his signature vocal tuba-trombone-trumpeting. Add the Drum and Bass duo of Claudio Rochat-Felix and Jeff Eyrich and you have Lipbone Redding’s most lucid record to date.