Jan Edwards – Right Here (2014)

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Jan Edwards cut her teeth on folk, lost her innocence to rock, flirted with jazz, and came of age with country. Her songwriting today reflects different country styles with influences from her roots.

JP Harris & The Tough Choices – I’ll Keep Calling (2012)

On I’ll Keep Calling from JP Harris and the Tough Choices you get smooth, straight up honky-tonk from a guy that’s lived what he writes about. There’s no kitsch, not glitz, no glamor in this music. Instead you get authentic, aching, autobiographical songs and a band that knows how to make you tap your foot.This is an excellent album, and remarkably so because there’s really nothing new here. There’s no reinvention of the wheel, no retro style to ride some trendy wave, no “progressive” elements to pander to the high-brow crowd. JP Harris’s voice is solid, but nothing special. The instrumentation is all appropriate, but maybe above average at best. I’ll Keep Calling has the same songs country music has been making hay with for over 50 years.

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