Tweedy – Sukierae (2014)

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Tweedy, the band, is a collaboration between Jeff Tweedy, best known as the founder of the pioneering Chicago rock band Wilco, and his 18-year-old son and drummer Spencer Tweedy. dBpm Records in conjunction with ANTI presents Sukierae (sue-key-ray), the debut release by the aptly-monikered duo Tweedy.Sukierae features 20 new songs penned by Jeff, performed by Tweedy father and son along with a host of musical guests.

Flying Colors – Second Nature (2014)

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Flying Colors is the talent-ridden supergroup consisting of guitarist Steve Morse, drummer Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, bass player Dave LaRue and the comparatively new talent, pop singer/songwriter Casey McPherson. The band challenged conventional wisdom about combining virtuoso music and melodic songwriting in their new album, Second Nature.

Walter Salas-Humara – Curve And Shake (2014)

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Walter Salas-Humara has spent the better part of 30 years fronting rootsy rock outfit The Silos, who have released a dozen albums and performed thousands of live shows. Salas-Humara also found the time to record a pair of quality solo albums – 1988’a “Lagartija” and 1995’s “Radar” — and at long last returns with a third in the enjoyable “Curve and Shake.”

Coralee and The Townies – Criminal Pride (2014)

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Coralee and the Townies are a Lexington, Kentucky based band of a genre they’ve self-defined as HONKY TONK SOUL. And it’s a fitting description, as the sextet whoops and weeps with traditional authenticity and contemporary energy, with Coralee’s husky vocals front and center and the Townies providing a righteous, raucous rootenanny soundtrack around her.  (CityBeat Magazine)