Amy Lashley – Travels of a Homebody (2011)

Now settled in East Nashville with partner Otis Gibbs, Indiana-born Amy Lashley turns her pen to a more confessional style of writing, with a dozen well-crafted personal songs set against a rich and warm acoustic backdrop. With a voice like a fine red wine, a wine that’s been given a little time to settle, Amy tells her convincing stories with authority, yet with some measure of vulnerability.  This includes choosing a bunch of empathetic musicians to help out in the studio, including Shadd Cobb on fiddle, Mark Fain on upright bass, Pat McInterney on drums and Thomm Jutz doing just about everything else, including lead guitar duties, bass, dobro, mandolin, organ and additional vocals. Producer Otis Gibbs also chips in on guitar.

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Daddy Long Legs – Blood From a Stone (2014)

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Blood from a Stone (2014) defines the band’s sound more clearly and contains way more than its fair share of killer tracks. The whole thing is a sweat and whiskey soaked cross between swamp blues and garage rock, characterised by the howling vocals and wild harmonica of Mr Daddy Long Legs himself. And let’s not mince words : you’re unlikely to hear a better album than this all year.