The Galileo 7 – Staring At the Sound (2012)

Also arriving in our dimension by way of William Hartnell’s TARDIS are fellow throwbacks The Galileo 7, led by former Thee Headcoats (amongst others) man Allan Crockford. Their latest album ‘Staring At The Sound’  follows a more beat-based sound, stopping off for a quick cuppa at the home of garage rock and skipping off to taste some psychedelia, but at all times maintaining a pop edge. This isn’t far-out meandering, these are short, sharp, classic sounding vintage guitar-pop tunes with a possible penchant for a Nuggets compilation or two. Organ-led rockers like ‘Anna Hedonia’ mix it with the backwards intro to the psych-pop title-track. There’s a great sense of melody involved here, like on stripped down Merseybeat tune ‘The Only One You’re Hurting (Is You)’. The music sucks you in like the swirling cover, and it’s safe to say that The Galileo 7 are best enjoyed with a couple of, er, let’s call them joss sticks.

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Windfall – Life Happens (2014)

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Singer/songwriter Char Seawel and her husband, singer/guitarist Tim Seawell, they perform as “Windfall”, a folk music duo whose music reflects the everyday struggles and joys of ordinary people trying to make it through life with some small amount of courage and grace.  “Life Happens”, their newest album, is a collection of songs that reflect the longing in the human experience for connection and hope.

Carol Kleyn – Love Has Made Me Stronger (1976/2011)

Throughout the early ’70s, Carol Kleyn hovered around the fringes of various West Coast music scenes, playing her harp and singing simple, ethereal songs at festivals and on street corners. She rubbed elbows with famous musicians and kept working to land a record deal, but never got her big break, and by the time she self-released her 1976 debut album, Love Has Made Me Stronger, her trilling voice and chamber-music plucking were way out of sync with the times. Now rescued from obscurity and reissued by Drag City, Love Has Made Me Stronger isn’t some neglected masterpiece; it’s more like a faded copy of early Joni Mitchell, or of Fairport Convention at its most Euro-folkie.

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