Sure Fire Groove – Last Good Standing (2014)

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“Last Good Standing” tells a gritty story of love, hope, and revolution through 10 masterful tracks. Vocals entwine and harmonize beautifully, and the musicianship is subtle though never underplayed.

Alana Amram & the Rough Gems – Spring River (2014)

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If Alana Amram happened to be on stage the night you stopped into the bar for a quick drink, you’d almost certainly end up closing the place. For her third full-length record, the L.A.-based (by way of Upstate New York) troubadour teams up again with the Rough Gems for a gritty but evocative collection of country-inspired rock n’ roll songs. Spring River has the loose, spontaneous feel of a live session; it’s modern Americana at its best.