Jennifer Castle – Pink City (2014)

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Jennifer Castle writes folk songs, Pink City is a stirringly beautiful album every bit a step forward from 2011’s Castlemusic. It’s barer arrangements often just piano, guitar and voice with string arrangements from Owen Pallet – highlight just how good of a songwriter Castle is. Her singing has an intuitive style, not always following the expected melody, but soaring along on it s own current.

Travellin’ Brothers – Magnolia Route (2014)

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In 2014, Travellin’ Brothers will celebrate their 10th anniversary in music and using the Magnolia Route metaphor, they will set off on a new musical journey that will take them from Chicago to New Orleans, stopping by in Nashville, Memphis and so many other cities and sounds. A journey throughout the Afro-American music, a journey in time amongst decades

Jesse Jennings – A Long Way From Home (2014)

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Jesse’s music and stylization are influenced by artists he admires such as Bob Seger, Garth Brooks, Dion Dimucci,The Four Seasons and Elvis Presley. When people ask what his music sounds like, Jesse can only respond with “nothing you have ever heard.” It’s country with a twist.