August 6, 2014 - It Rock And Roll

Day: August 6, 2014

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Scott is a new generation of Texas guitar slinger in the tradition of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Johnson, and Gary Clark Jr. Scott is equally adept at blues, rock, jazz, and funk, frequently interspersing his solos with virtuosic bebop runs as well as spicy Texas blues phrases that burn and smolder.

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Gothic rock meets rockabilly? Music has had strange bedfellows before so why not? Gothabilly is a intriguing hybrid of sound that seemingly falls apart on paper but comes together for a delightful riff on the lighter side of evil. The band has some serious credentials with former Cramps bassist Scott “Chopper” Franklin and Blondie drummer Clem Burke. This is a release that is built on the “spirit” of the music as much as the music itself and includes some excellent covers of some golden oldies and pop favorites.

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Bear The Mammoth is a Progressive Post-Rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Delivering music that has been said to be “Moody, atmospheric, and sublime. The music pitches and lulls, ebbs and flows like an ocean of melody and mood

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Truth Be Told is the prefect distillation of his musical influences and showcase for the band’s alarming virtuosity. Mixing the spring-loaded sleaze-Funk of Grand Central Station with the Blues Rock swagger of Led Zeppelin, the melodic finesse of Prince with the metallic menace of Queens of the Stone Age, it leaves the listener wide-eyed and unzipped.

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